services & rates

I am located in Canada and specialize in substantive editing, copyediting, writing, proofreading, research, research co-ordination and consultancy on artistic and academic projects.  English is my native language.  I work Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. EST.  I charge $.05-$.15/word, or $35-$100/hour CAD depending on the variety of services I provide.  I can accept payment in CAD, USD, GBP or EUR.  My capacity for editing is 4,000 words/day, and 800 words/day for writing, with a turn around time of 5-10 business days to complete editing projects of 10,000-50,000 words.  These rates apply to electronic files.  A 10-15% mark up is applied for work performed on hard copy documents.  A 5-10% discount is offered for high volume or repeat jobs.


This service pertains to manuscripts that have been peer reviewed or workshopped and are in the final draft stage.  It includes proofreading for minor corrections such as spelling, spacing, punctuation and capitalization errors. This is the final proofing before going to press or publishing online.

$.05/word – $1,250 for a 25,000 word manuscript ($12.50/page for 250 words/page)


This is a careful line-by-line editing service that includes everything proofreading offers as well as improving the overall structure of the manuscript.  This service includes: editing for clarity of ideas, appropriate word choice, redundancies, inconsistencies, awkward grammar and believability; tracking changes in the document to facilitate review, acceptance and rejection of edits; and leaving brief comments and questions in the margins of the document to bring attention to areas of potential concern such as clarity of intent and target audience.

$.10/word – $2,500 for a 25,000 word manuscript ($25/page for 250 words/page)

Substantive Editing

This service pertains to manuscripts that require a thorough overhaul.  Substantive editing includes everything copyediting offers as well as: restructuring sentence, paragraph, sub-section and chapter sequencing for optimal flow of idea development; rewriting sections for improved clarity or aesthetic coherence; formatting page layout including fonts, headers and footers, image captions and titling; formatting front and back sections of book projects including table of contents, foreword, acknowledgements, bibliography, index and colophon; tracking changes in the document to facilitate review, acceptance and rejection of edits; and leaving extensive comments, questions and recommendations in the margins bringing attention to the refinement of tone and voicing, as well as bringing attention to potential areas of concern such as positionality and ethics.

$.15/word – $3,750 for a 25,000 word manuscript ($37.50/page for 250 words/page)

Proposal Writing

This service entails the writing of grant, residency, conference, panel and exhibition proposals for artistic and academic projects.  It includes: consulting extensively with the lead artist or principal investigator; writing and rewriting, substantive editing, copyediting and proofreading all content; and liaising with the research co-ordinator.

$50/hr or a flat rate of $2000-$5000 + a bonus top-up to 10% of total grant received

Research Coordination

This service entails the coordination of all logistics pertaining to proposal writing for artistic and academic projects.  It includes: liaising with the grant writer and granting body; liaising with the lead artist and all supporting artists, venues and partners, or with the principal investigator and all supporting scholars, researchers and partners; gathering and assembling all supporting documents, supporting materials, letters of recommendations and institutional signatures; and the administration of the final proposal submission.

$50/hr or a flat rate of $2000-$5000 + a bonus top-up to 10% of total grant received


This service pertains to assisting principal investigators on academic research projects. It includes: consulting extensively with the principal investigator; sourcing, gathering and compiling resources and presenting them to the principal investigator in an efficient manner; reading and summarizing content; and writing literature reviews.

$35/hr or a flat rate of $3000-$5000 for projects ranging from 3-5 weeks


This service pertains to providing direction and making recommendations to organization directors, boards of education trustees, educators and artists, drawing from experience and expertise in the development and design of arts-based research, cultural facilitation methodologies and anti-oppression policy frameworks.