published work

published work, critiques and profiles

2011 CHANTES TES BÉNÉDICTIONS Self-published illustrated children’s book of original & sourced poems & songs in French.

2010 COMMUNITY ARTS AND THE MUSEUM: A Handbook For Institutions Interested In Community Arts; Writer, Excerpt from “Unwrapping the Bundle: Reflecting on Community Arts, Envisioning a Practice;” AGO, Toronto.

2009 UNWRAPPING THE BUNDLE and THURSDAYS TOGETHER; Curator, two online exhibitions summarizing community arts projects in Kitchener; Art Gallery of Ontario’s Collection X Virtual Museum, Toronto.

2008 GUELPH SPEAKS! RESTORYING THE CITY Editor of “The Stories of Our Journeys” script, developed collaboratively by Grade 9 ESL Drama students in a community arts spoken word project; community anthology published by University of Guelph Guelph Speaks Collective, Guelph.

2007 “A NAME TO GROW INTO” Profile of my community arts work by PhD student Tiffanie Ting; Harvard University, Boston.

2004 AMERICAN PSYCHOLOGIST Cover art and profile by Kate F. Hayes; American Psychological Association, Washington.

2004 “HEALING’S EMBODIMENT” Critique of 15-Year retrospective exhibition by Art Historian Hazel Da Breo.

2004 “SOULFUL COMMUNION: Artist’s Poetic Handiwork Explores Elemental Powers of Nature, Community and Spirit” Critique of 15-Year retrospective exhibition by Curator Pamela Edmonds.

1997 REVUE NOIRE: ART CONTEMPORAIN AFRICAIN “AFRICAN CANADA” Featured artwork, Lithograph; Produced in collaboration with CAN: BAIA Publications; Editions Revue Noire, Paris.

1994 MISCEGENATION BLUES: Mixed Race Women Anthology; Spoken Word Poem; Editor Carol Camper, Sister Vision Press, Toronto.

1991 DAUGHTERS OF THE SUN, WOMEN OF THE MOON: Poetry by Black Canadian Women; Cover Illustration; Editor Anne Wallace, Williams/Wallace Publishers, Stratford.

1990 BORDERLINES MAGAZINE Front/back Cover Art, Toronto.

1989 THE GARGOYLE Cover Art; University of Toronto Newsletter, Toronto.

1989 PARALLELOGRAMME Cover Art; WARC (Women’s Art Resource Centre) Insert, “Locations: Feminism, Art, Racism, Region; Writings and Artworks – Sites: féminisme, art, racisme, région; écrits et œuvres d’art”, Toronto.

1988 CANADIAN WOMEN’S STUDIES: LES CAHIERS DE LA FEMME Profile by Susan Crean; Featured Drawings, Lithographs, Monoprints, Poems; York University, Toronto.



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