Offerings for 2016

One of the inevitable byproducts of graduate studies is the honing of one’s writing skills. I recognize that through the writing I have done during the course of my degree, the papers and exams I have marked and the theses I have edited, I have broadened and deepened my scope as a linguist. So I am resuming my work as a freelance writer and editor, offering the services of close and careful editing from a poetic and exacting wordsmith.

I provide writing and editing services for theses, proposals, dissertations and essays with a specialization in the fields of art and performance, education and pedagogy, music, poetry and literature, media and multimedia, folklore and mythology, esoteric and spiritual practices, yoga, psychology and anthropology, environment and ecology. I am versed in intersectional, decolonial, anti-oppression, liberationist, equity and diversity discourse with a specialization in Black studies, diasporic African intellectual, cultural and spiritual knowledges, radical imagination, critical race theory and Black feminist scholarship.

I offer a variety of services including: proofreading for typos and punctuation; line-by-line copyediting for grammar, word choice, redundancies and consistencies; and deep editing for manuscripts that require formatting, titling, rewriting and restructuring.